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Uniting Technology and Legal: Driving Organizational Engagement in Legal Tech Initiatives With James Peacock

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In this episode of Contract Heroes, we are joined by James Peacock, Head of Key Enterprise Accounts at ThoughtRiver. James has a broad resume full of experience from a variety of roles, enabling him to understand contracting from both the commercial side and the legal side. Throughout our conversation, James emphasizes the importance of alignment between the business and the legal team. This alignment, along with communication and proper change management, is the gateway to innovation for in-house employees and the successful implementation of technology like CLM. He explains that, without buy-in from internal teams, technology can fail. So, we must meet employees where they are prior to implementation, taking stock of what everyone wants and making sure the business is in the right place to succeed. This podcast episode will help in-house legal and commercial teams learn how to better communicate with each other and work together to drive the success of the organization.

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