Contract Heroes

Strengthening Small Legal Teams - Stefanie Frank

Episode Summary

During this episode with Stefanie we cover: - Best practice tips for small legal teams - How to make the most of outside counsel - How Stephanie and her team adapt to the ever-changing regulations in the Healthcare space - What her team was looking for when searching for and choosing a CLM tool

Episode Notes

In this installment of Contract Heroes, we had the opportunity to chat with Vice President Associate General Counsel at Thriveworks, Stefanie Frank. Stefanie has been practicing law for about 8 years, having attended law school in North Carolina. She became the second attorney employed by Thriveworks, a mental health organization that offers both in-person and virtual appointments with licensed clinicians across all 50 states.

Throughout our conversation, Stefanie shared her experiences working with a very small in-house legal team as well as some of the nuances that come with managing contracts and legal issues in the realm of healthcare. Listen in to discover how she and her team have adapted to the ever-changing regulations of the healthcare system and the unique needs they sought to meet when selecting their own contract management tool.