Contract Heroes

Strategies for Transforming Legal Functions with Mark Ross

Episode Summary

Ever wondered how big companies successfully navigate the complex world of legal challenges, rules, and keeping everything above board while still keeping pace with the fast-moving business world? In this episode of the Contract Heroes Podcast, we are delighted to feature Mark Ross, the Principal and Co-Leader at Deloitte Legal Business Services. Mark dives into his role, where he helps large enterprises revamp their legal operations by combining the wisdom of experts, efficient processes, and advanced technology. He emphasizes the importance of understanding what each organization needs and involving all the relevant people before making changes in how they manage contracts. He also explains the potential benefits of a contract transformation program. These benefits include getting work done more efficiently, making more money, and saving a lot of money by avoiding risks. This podcast episode is a treasure trove of practical insights into how big companies are mastering the legal side of their businesses.

Episode Notes