Contract Heroes

LinkedIn Live: Reducing Resistance In Legal Operations with Jenn McCarron

Episode Summary

On this unique LinkedIn Live episode of Contract Heroes listen in as we're joined by Jenn McCarron, President of CLOC and Head of Legal Ops at Netflix as we navigate through the complexities of technology adoption, the criticality of user engagement, and the 'Ready Fire Aim' approach that typifies project execution in this information-dense environment. With her wealth of experience, Jenn also reflects on the evolution of legal ops, drawing comparisons from the pioneering days at Cisco to the contemporary landscape dominated by SaaS solutions.

Episode Notes

(0:00:01) - Legal Ops and Tech at Netflix

Legal ops at tech companies like Netflix and Spotify, challenges of tech adoption, fostering engagement and learning, and evolution of legal ops.


(0:04:49) - Evolution of Legal Technology Careers

From touring musician to legal ops professional, embracing change and innovation leads to rewarding career growth.


(0:17:51) - Boosting User Adoption Through Training

Pivot tables simplify data analysis for legal professionals and humor adds value to educational content for Cisco employees.


(0:32:57) - Creative Video Production in Corporate Settings

TV inundation, addressing information gaps, creativity in law, evergreen content, impactful video presentation for Netflix's legal department during COVID.


(0:44:23) - Utilizing Visual Aids for Learning

Nature's power of visual learning through videos for corporate training, using professional voice actors and avoiding content overload.


(0:54:22) - Inspiring Conversation on Video Sharing

Nature's innovative experiences can be shared for education and customer engagement, with advice for those inspired.