Contract Heroes

Live In Vegas: How to Speed Up and Scale Up Procurement with Agile Contracting

Episode Summary

Can you imagine a symphony without harmony, a ship without a compass, or a puzzle missing its final piece? In the world of business, the relationship between procurement and legal is equally indispensable. So, have you ever wondered what happens when these crucial departments don't quite harmonize in the realm of contract management? In this episode of the Contract Heroes Podcast, we are excited to welcome back Prashant Dubey, the chief strategy officer of Agiloft to the show. Agiloft is a technology company specializing in contract lifecycle management and business process management software in Redwood City, California. During our conversation, we discussed the importance of building a better relationship between procurement and legal, and the evolving nature of contract management. We highlight the benefits of creating a negotiation playbook, implementing a contract lifecycle management system, and standardizing templates and intake protocols. We also address the challenges of training team members on legal terminology and contract management, and the importance of collaboration and flexibility in implementing Agiloft practices.

Episode Notes