Contract Heroes

How to negotiate win-win deals with procurement professionals

Episode Summary

Mike Lander is the CEO of Piscari, a London based consulting firm specialized in Procurement. He provides negotiating advise to founders, CEOs, and directors to improve their negotiation capabilities of their commercial teams and provide deep insights into the mind of the procurement buyer. The procurements departments are always under pressure to take care of every cent of their budget. You need to always research your customers and look for data that can help you in the negotiations. If you don't do your research, the other side will have the upper hand. The market on procurement analytics has grown a lot, producing huge insights. The ability to take finance data, procurement data and third party data easily accesible produces a huge advantage. This is also a big reason why procurement departments are investing on CLM softwares to bring all this information into a single place with their contracts, which includes all the details on every closed deal. Mike's LinkedIn: []( []( [](