Contract Heroes

How the law company is changing the legal industry

Episode Summary

John Croft is one of the leading innovators in the legal services industry and he's not a lawyer. He has spent the last 30 years helping law departments and law firms improve their efficiency, quality, and outcomes. While as President and Co-Founder of Elevate, John spends most of his time working with our customers, he is also acutely focused on the culture and diversity of the law company. He also chairs the Elevate Advisory Board. Prior to co-founding Elevate, John served as President at Integreon, where he led business development efforts and managed existing clients on a global basis. During this time there, he grew the company’s revenue from $12 million in 2005 to $150 million in 2011.Previously, he was CEO of the financial and legal outsourcing division of ADP Inc. Before that, John was European sales director for the financial and legal division of St. Ives Plc.