Contract Heroes

AI & Contract Management - Jim Chiang

Episode Summary

Throughout our conversation with Jim, we discussed: - The potential of AI technology and CLM - Why some vendors stretch the truth when it comes to what their AI is capable of - Where AI capabilities really are useable at this stage of product development - What the future holds for CLM and AI

Episode Notes

In this installment of Contract Heroes, we had the good fortune to be able to sit down for a chat with renowned AI expert, Jim Chiang. Jim is the founder of My Legal Einstein, an AI-powered contract acceleration platform. He has been submerged in the contract management space for some time, catering mostly to the AI side of CLM. He was the head AI engineer for major names in the CLM industry such as Apttus and Icertis and brings a wealth of both experience and knowledge to improve the way AI interacts with contracts. His goal and the goal of My Legal Einstein is to investigate how AI can transform the way people work in the contract space.

Our conversation with Jim touched on several aspects of the interaction between AI and contract management, exploring how the two can work together most effectively, the importance of honesty in technology, and the future of AI-based solutions as a whole in the world of contracts.